While factors such as teacher and parental involvement have an indisputable impact on student achievement, it is important to have well-designed school facilities that integrally support such achievement. Further, school facility upgrades have a wide array of district-wide and community-wide benefits. These include teacher job satisfaction and retention, increased residential property values, equity across communities, and reduced negative health issues arising from aging buildings and infrastructure.

Despite being well-maintained, the current high school is more than 65 years old and beyond the facilities’ intended lifecycle. During the development of the Student Centric Facilities Master Plan (SCFMP), assessments conducted cited deficiencies with the current facilities and their ability to support a 21st-century curriculum. The SCFMP identified that it would be more cost effective to completely redevelop El Rancho High School rather than invest in upgrades of individual buildings due to continued high costs the outdated infrastructure could incur every couple of years.

El Rancho High School is the only comprehensive high school in Pico Rivera. The quality of a community’s schools is one of the deciding factors for current and prospective residents whether they choose to relocate or stay in a city. With the current high school’s aging infrastructure, our school district cannot compete with other high schools in neighboring districts, causing Pico Rivera residents to enroll their children in schools outside our district or to move out of the city. A new, state-of-the-art high school will make Pico Rivera more attractive to its residents and prospective residents. In addition, it will bring jobs and economic opportunities for local businesses and entrepreneurs.

Paying homage to El Rancho High School’s deeply-rooted history in the community, the design will preserve some bricks from the current buildings and will integrate them into the design of the new campus structures. Memorials of the celebrated veteran Dons at the stadium will be preserved. In addition, the legendary El Rancho shield in the current locker rooms will be relocated and displayed in the new gym.

Local businesses can visit the website of El Rancho Unified School District’s Procurement Department at for information regarding current Bids and Requests for Proposal (RFPs).


In 2016, voters in the El Rancho Unified School District overwhelmingly approved Measure ER, a $200 million bond measure to rebuild and transform El Rancho High School to 21st century standards. Measure ER will include school upgrades that will allow us to prepare our students and teachers with skills for jobs of the future.

To date, El Rancho Unified School District has sold $16.8 million in Measure ER bonds. The available funds have been designated to cover costs associated with the planning, design, demolition and initial construction cash flow requirements.

Laws governing Measure ER prohibit spending any bond funds on salaries or district operating expenses. In addition, an independent Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) comprised of local citizens, including senior citizens, homeowners, parents, taxpayers, and others, has been established to monitor and publicly report on the expenditure of the bond funds, ensuring they are appropriately and efficiently spent on facilities needs as specified in the bond language.


The project will be constructed in five phases with some intermediate milestones. The school will remain in full session throughout these phases, however, there are foreseeable disruptions that are expected as there are in any type of construction project of this scale. Our project team will work closely with administration and staff to keep everyone informed of the construction schedule as well as work to keep disruptions to a minimum.

The completion of the new El Rancho High School will be approximately 2028. A detailed project schedule is available under the “Schedule” tab of this website.